Snakes on a Plane

Neville Flynn: "You know all those security scenarios we ran? Well, I'm stuck in the middle of one we didn't think of."
Hank Harris: "What the hell you talking about?"
Neville Flynn: "Eddie Kim somehow managed to fill the plane with poisonous snakes."
Hank Harris: "Wait, hold on. What kind of insane plan is that? He can't possibly guarantee that the snakes are gonna get to Sean."
Neville Flynn: "Yeah, well, he doesn't have to guarantee it if he brings down the whole plane down."

release year: 2006
genre: action/horror
viewing setting: home Bluray 6/5/19 and home DVD, 8/31/12 and 1/8/07

synopsis: Passengers and crew on a 747 must deal with the wild rampage of a crateful of snakes that get loose.

impressions: This was outstanding entertainment (which in my world means forget the Oscar nominations.) It had a simple but effective plot that set up everything the trailer promised: all sorts of snakes running amok on a passenger plane. Humor was a major part of this movie, and the filmmakers found so many ways to make lethal snake attacks funny, I was actually surprised. I can heartily recommend this one for two hours of viewing fun - unless, that is, you can't stand snakes. Because there are snakes. Lots of them.

body count: at least 15 people directly killed onscreen by various snakes, plus a cat and a dog, plus three people killed by other people before the plane ever took off

acting: Samuel L. Jackson is the FBI agent who has to take charge of a strange situation. Juliana Margulies is the flight attendant who has one day left. Nathan Phillips is a reluctant witness being protected by Jackson. This movie also has (among others) the following: a rapper and his two bodyguards, a spoiled rich woman with a stupid dog, a chauvanistic pilot, a snotty British businessman, a kickboxer, a young couple in heat, a lady with a baby, and a big fat nasty lady. It's quite an ensemble, and predictably, they don't all survive the rampage of the snakes.

final word: This was the summer blockbuster of 2006. Watch it and be well entertained.

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