Miller: "“It’s a suicide mission."
Beckett: “They’re all suicide missions!”

release year: 1993
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home DVD 5/8/20

synopsis: A veteran Marine sniper gets sent on a tough mission with an inexperienced partner.

impressions: This was a pretty good self-contained military movie, which would end up spawning numerous sequels (which of course I have to watch, since I bought the six-movie set for like $9.99 at Walmart.) The main character is gruff and no-nonsense, and is frustrated by both his mission and his young, cocky partner along for the ride. There's also an element of government mischief/dishonesty here.

location of mission: Panama

sidekick/companion: Billy Zane, playing an Olympic medalist and SWAT sharpshooter who has no actual combat experience

acting: Tom Berenger does great as a Marine lifer who's become numb to the taking of lives. Billy Zane is a fresh young kid who's not really ready to walk through the jungle, make deals with locals, or listen to his more experienced elders. Ken Radley plays a deranged mercenary type.

final word: Solid military sniper action.

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