Sniper 2

"We're here to put a bullet in a man's head and let God sort it out. You better just pray we get our asses out of this country alive. All your dream shit, stops here."   - Beckett

release year: 2003
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home DVD 5/9/20

synopsis: A veteran Marine sniper, who should have retired due to injury, gets sent on another tough mission with another inexperienced partner.

impressions: This one was direct-to-video but still had violence, blood, and profanity. It was decent, with plenty of action and sniping. One gripe: there are a couple of lengthy, meaningful conversations in a foreign language...which completely lack any translation/subtitles. What the hell? How? Why? Did no one catch this? Frustrating for those of us who try to follow along with even the most minimal plot points.

location of mission: Serbia

sidekick/companion: Bokeem Woodbine, playing an Army sniper who's on death row and gets out of it via this mission.

acting: Tom Berenger is still in shape and top form as this character. Bokeem Woodbine is his partner, who still has a ways to go as far as listening to his elders. Erika Marozsan is a local who helps them. Tamas Puskas is another local who's set to be extracted. Linden Ashby is an officer in command of the whole operation from back in America.

final word: Decent military sniper action.

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