Sniper 3

"“His life isn’t worth a damn unless he’s risking it or taking someone else’s.”"   - Avery

release year: 2004
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home DVD 5/10/20

synopsis: A veteran Marine sniper, who's past his prime but still quite good at what he does, gets sent on another tough mission, but all is not as it seems.

impressions: Another direct-to-video entry in this I suspect they will all be now. There was, again, planty of action, and a fair bit of sniping too. And some double-crossing, and gangsters, and a guy who shoots with a pistol in each hand. I also have a gripe that's identical to one from the last movie: once again, there are a couple of lengthy, meaningful conversations in a foreign language...which lack any sort of translation/subtitles. So did the filmmakers just assume that we all speak Vietnamese? I don't see how this mistake made it into the final movie.

location of mission: Vietnam

sidekick/companion: Byron Mann, playing a Vietnamese cop who knows all sorts of useful things, plus he can fight.

acting: Tom Berenger is noticeably older and bloated in this one, and they've added a drinking angle too. Byron Mann is his local helper/ally, who's a young tough cop. John Doman is the main bad guy and the objective of the mission.

final word: Decent military sniper action. These movies are simple and you kind of know what to expect.

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