Sniper: Reloaded

Brandon Beckett: "What about when you get back to Pendleton? You're gonna answer for this."
Miller: "Are you kidding? We're not gonna live through this."

release year: 2011
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home DVD 5/11/20

synopsis: Son of sniper comes to embrace his destiny.

impressions: So this was probably intended as the passing of the torch...the original main character's son is a Marine who can shoot, but he's not quite a sniper. And it's not clear if he wants to be. But then there's a tense, bloody firefight in which his men are killed by an enemy sniper, so he recovers and wants revenge, and Billy Zane's character shows up to help him. It had plenty of action, and a love interest, and ended with him seeming lined up to follow in his dad's footsteps.

location of mission: Congo

sidekick/companion: none, although Billy Zane's character from the original movie returns

acting: Chad Michael Collins is the heir apparent, and does a good job. (He also looks like a cross between Paul Walker and John Cena, depending on what angle you see him from and how dirty his face is.) Billy Zane returns as Miller, who's now in charge of training snipers, and who's cocky and confident. Annabel Wright is the love interest who's also a soldier. Justin Strydom is the enemy sniper. Richard Sammel is the commanding officer, who's not entirely on the level. Patrick Lyster is an old hunter who helps out.

final word: A fresh start to the series, entertaining and action-packed.

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