Sniper: Legacy

"That’s not just a kill, that’s a statement."   - Major Bidwell

release year: 2014
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home DVD 5/12/20

synopsis: Son of sniper seeks revenge for father, only to find that father isn't dead, so they end up working together.

impressions: At last, father and son meet on screen (this shouldn't be a spoiler since Tom Berenger is prominently featured on the cover, in the opening credits, and in the trailer.) Someone is sniping members of a military unit with really big bullets, and young Beckett aims to find out why. Aside from the father, this one had a number of good, fleshed-out supporting characters. I will admit that the motivations of the bad guy sniper made little sense to me (I think he was just crazy) but whatever. This had the usual quota of sniping, action, and blood.

location of mission: Greece

sidekick/companion: a female spotter/sniper who's cute as well as highly competent

acting: Chad Michael Collins returns as the son, and is the centerpiece of the show here. Tom Berenger has a minor role, and doesn't act as much as in previous installments, plus he's looking bloated, but then again, he was 65 at the time of this one, so a little aging is understandable. Dominic Mafham is the British sniper officer and ally who's serious and lethal. Mercedes Mason is the younger Beckett's spotter who kicks ass, and brings an understated romantic element to this one as well. Dennis Haysbert is a retired (?) officer who's pulling the strings of the good guys. Doug Allen is the enemy sniper. Alex Roe is another military officer who's on the target list.

final word: Good bridging of the older and newer entries in this franchise, but could have used more character development between father and son.

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