The Social Network

release year: 2010
genre: drama
viewing setting: theater, 10/3/10

synopsis: In the spirit of 21 (and like it, based on a book by the same author) this is a more-or-less accurate representation of the people and events that led to the creation of Facebook and the resultant overnight billionaires.

impressions: This was pretty entertaining. The book's author (and the filmmakers) had to work without the cooperation of some of the key people, but he/they still did a good job showing the backstabbing and lies that are part of the story. This is an example of a quirky young brilliant mind being in the right place at the right time with the right idea that ended up making billions of dollars.

acting: Jesse Eisenberg is the flawed kid genius. Andrew Garfield is his more down-to-earth best friend, who ultimately gets betrayed. Justin Timberlake does a great job as Sean Parker, creator of Napster and irresponsible party animal. Armir Hammer portrays both Winklevoss twins, who must deal with the apparent theft of their idea.

final word: Good story, well done. Everyone should see it.

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