Space Truckers

release year: 1997
genre: sci-fi/light comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/14/99
what I expected: sci-fi cheese
what I got: a rather entertaining movie with some cool carnage scenes

synopsis: An out-of-work veteran space trucker, along with an out-of-work young rookie space trucker and an out-of-work waitress, signs up to take a mysterious cargo to Earth - not realizing that the cargo is in fact an army of highly lethal robots that are easily activated.

impressions: It was corny, but it didn't look cheap. The effects and sets were equivalent to those in some big-budget sci-fi films. The thing I really liked (well, aside from Debbie Mazar's scantily-clad body throughout the movie) was the killer robots. They mowed down damn near anybody who got in their way, and that ruled. For that alone, this movie was worth seeing.

body count: dozens

acting: Dennis Hopper does a fine job, though he's spoofing several sorts of characters. Stephen Dorff doesn't do much as the young sidekick. Debbie Mazar manages to lose everything but her underclothes early on, and stays that way, so I applaud her performance. Charles Dance is totally corny as the captain of a space pirate ship.

final word: Semi-cheesy sci-fi, worth seeing.

rating: C+

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