release year: 2002
genre: superhero action
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/1/02

synopsis: Teenager gains super-powers and thus super-problems.

impressions: First we got X-Men and now this (with Daredevil and Hulk coming soon.) It would seem to be a good thing. This movie is a fairly faithful adaptation of the comic book, and a good mix of action, humor, and just the sheer magic of waking up one day with superpowers. Naturally, I sat there and came up with ways I'd have better utilized such powers, but that's human nature I guess. There was a fair bit of CGI at work here but I didn't really notice the difference. The bottom line is, it's an entertaining movie and it made a ton of money for a genre I want to see get more movies.

acting: Tobey McGuire did a great job with what was essentially a dual role: a nerd and a confident guy. Kirsten Dunst was also good as the girl, and Willem Dafoe was suitably maniacal as a bad guy.

final word: Solid superhero action.

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