release year: 2000
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/13/02

synopsis: Insane spider experiments go wrong.

impressions: It was like popcorn - it was fun to absorb and kept me busy, but didn't have any lasting effect. This, folks, is basic B-movie entertainment at its bloody best. The plot was amix of monster-movie and "X-Files" territory, with a little bit of "Men in Black" thrown in. There were a few logic problems (such as a human body spawning a spider that's as big as a house) but so it goes.

things to watch for: At 1:06, our heroine transforms from a geek into a one-woman wet t-shirt contest. At 1:17, this movie transforms from a small-spiders-on-the-loose movie into a giant monster movie.

acting: Not bad. The female lead was capable, though her character was a typical must-have-the-story-at-any-cost reporter who quickly forgot about the deaths that were HER FAULT. The main bad guy was way over the top, which is fine.

final word: Worth watching for fans of this sort of thing.

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