Spiders 2: Breeding Ground

release year: 2001
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/14/02

synopsis: A couple's boat sinks and they are rescued by a strange ship full of strange people.

impressions: Like the original, it was entertaining, if not big-budget. The female protagonist annoyed me because she took so long to activate ("activation" is my term for the point when a character stops being useless and starts kicking ass.) My other plot complaint has to do with certain...problems that vaccines CAN NOT fix. Anyway, that stuff isn't a show-stopper, not for a lighthearted gory fun movie like this.

things to watch for: At 1:06, our heroine singlehandedly sets into motion a spider massacre.

acting: It was okay...the husband of the couple showed good survival instincts, which unfortunately were undermined by his wife in her pre-activation phase. Richard Moll had a bizarre role as a mad scientist.

final word: Worth watching for fans of this sort of thing.

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