This is Spinal Tap

release year: 1982
genre: documentary spoof
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/16/00 and home laserdisc, 7/18/97
what I expected: some odd British humor
what I got: completely hilarious spoof of the heavy metal rock world

synopsis: This film follows the exploits, trials, and tribulations of the (fictional) British heavy metal band Spinal Tap.

impressions: Hilarious! Many great lines, and many amusing imitations of things that can and do happen to real bands on tour. Of course, there were also imitations of things that don't really happen, like the drummer exploding on stage for no reason. Such is life in the rock & roll world. There are a lot of little things that you can miss if you're not paying attention. Rob Reiner directed this film.

acting: Offbeat performances by all. The guys who played the band members really are musicians, and their invented songs are pretty good, especially for spoofs.

final word: Don't be scared to rent this - it's worth seeing.

rating: B-

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