Star Trek: Nemesis

release year: 2002
genre: science fiction
viewing setting: theater, 12/23/02

synopsis: The Romulans want to talk about peace, and the Enterprise gets sent. Could something be amiss?

impressions: This is like an old shoe: it fits well and is comfortably familiar, but yet it can be boring. I think that one trademark of this series is that it's more character-driven than action-driven. I found myself getting bored during parts containing the former. Having said that, I'll also say that the action scenes were pretty good, especially the space-borne ones. Will they ever make a movie that's mostly space-battle-driven? Unfortunately not.

things to watch for: Picard's desperation tactic in the space battle.

acting: Good on all fronts, though this is old hat for all the regular actors.

final word: Worth seeing, but it may break the unofficial rule that all even-numbered Star Trek movies are really good.

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