Star Trek, the original series, season 2 episode 4: Mirror, Mirror

release year: 1967
genre: television sci-fi
viewing setting: home DVD 2/23/13

synopsis: Thanks to a transporter problem, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura find themselves in a parallel universe and Enterprise where violence and fear rule.

impressions: This was one of the good ones; it features an evil universe where the Empire (not the Federation) rules by force, and treachery and asassination are commonplace. Kirk catches on pretty quick, and has to be mean and really throw his weight around to fool everyone. Unfortunately, you can't fool Mr. Spock - even an evil one - for long. Fortunately, evil Mr. Spock is still a pretty sensible guy.

acting: Kirk and evil-Spock are really the main characters here, and have some interesting interactions and debates.

final word: Good alternate-universe type episode with some neat ideas.

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