Stingray season 2 episode 2: Gemini

episode number: season 2, episode 2 (1987)
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/10/13

episode synopsis: Someone else is using a newspaper ad with a black 1965 Stingray...but the impostor is killing the people who meet with them.

impressions: Former friend from past, thought dead but actually alive and feeling betrayed, comes back seeking revenge. Ray has to deal with someone just as capable as he is, plus the guy hates him.

notable guest stars: none who I recognized

cool actions and tactics: Ray outwits the police, switches to a second car that he apparently had stashed away for emergencies, and displays some impressive driving skills during a car chase.

Sondra: "And now?"
Ray: "Now...I go."
Sondra: "Why?"
Ray: "Because I have to."
Sondra: "You know, I think it's tougher on you than the people you leave. That's the part that hurts."
Ray: "Take care of yourself."

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