Stingray season 2 episode 4: Bring Me the Hand That Hit Me

episode number: season 2, episode 4 (1987)
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/11/13

episode synopsis: Ray tries to help a young punk who's too stupid to lie low after robbing the wrong people.

impressions: I just can't get over how utterly stupid the kid was. Everyone was constantly pointing it out in the episode. He and his buddy robbed the wrong guy, who happened to be a retired mob boss, and now that old man wants the hand that struck him - literally. Good stuff, with a sad ending despite Ray's best efforts.

notable guest stars: Veteran actor Roberts Blossom was the old crime boss.

cool actions and tactics: Ray adopts the persona and attitude of an Italian leg-breaker in order to infiltrate, and also hits a guy four times before he can get his first swing in.

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