Stingray season 2 episode 6: The First Time is Forever

episode number: season 2, episode 6 (1987)
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/18/13

episode synopsis: Ray helps the daughter of a murdered newsman uncover a givernment conspiracy.

impressions: This is more like it: exactly what makes this series so cool. Ray puts together the clues, infiltrates as necessary, and just generally outwits the bad guys. There's also a connection to his distant past, when as a youth he killed his first man, a gang leader. Like several other episodes, this one features use of computers and databases (you have to remember that this was the mid-1980s before the average person was using computers or had heard of the internet.)

notable guest stars: None who I recognized.

cool actions and tactics: Ray adopts an English identity and accent, knocks out two agents with three strikes, uses detective skills to notice evidence and figure things out, impersonates a repairman to get into someone's office and use their computer system, and tricks the bad guys.

Erica: "It's funny how we fool ourselves into thinking we're immortal."
Ray: "Yes, well sometimes a little mortality helps to keep us going."

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