Stingray season 2 episode 13: Anytime, Anywhere

episode number: season 2, episode 13 (1987)
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/16/13

episode synopsis: While on a case in Vietnam, Ray is blinded and must enlist the help of a blind U.S. veteran to cope until his eyes heal.

impressions: This was a new one: it wasn't set in the U.S., the car didn't make an appearance, and Ray was fairly helpless and dependent on someone else. The episode made me think about blindness in new ways, and also made me thankful for my sight, something most of us probably take for granted every day.

notable guest stars: Rosalind Chao was the girl who gets Ray on the case. James Hong (the main bad guy in Big Trouble in Little China) is the bad guy here. James Pax (who was one of the Storms, Lightning, in that same movie) is a police inspector here.

cool actions and tactics: Ray learns to deal with his blindness pretty quickly, becoming functional and even able to fight to some extent. He also speaks fluent Vietnamese and French.

Ray: "I don't work for money. If I were a mercenary, we wouldn't be talking."

Johnny: "You're good...scary good!"

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