Stingray season 1 episode 3: Ether

episode number: season 1, episode 3 (1986)
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/27/11

episode synopsis: A hospital's patients are dying for no good reason, so Ray goes undercover to find out why.

impressions: This one had an evil medical plot that reminded me of Coma or similar movies, with a little bit of Frankenstein thrown in.

notable guest stars: Ray Wise is the evil doctor. James Laurenson is the good doctor who enlists Ray's help in the first place.

cool actions and tactics: Ray impersonates a surgeon (and later calls in a favor to a surgeon to impersonate Ray when he's called upon to do some cutting), memorizes a bunch of medical terminology and later uses it to fool multiple doctors, uses an auto-headlight assembly that allows him to mimic different headlight patterns so the people he's following don't know they're being followed, sneaks into a high-security area and then escapes after the alarm is sounded, and thinks ahead by removing a captured ally's medical IV a while before escape time, so that she'll be conscious for the escape.

Ray: "The villagers always win in the end, doctor."
bad doctor: "Who are you?"
Ray: "A villager"

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