Stingray season 1 episode 4: Below the Line

episode number: season 1, episode 4 (1986)
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/28/11

episode synopsis: Ray investigates a missing diver at an underwater research center.

impressions: It's the fourth episode and Ray's bedded two women, had a chance for a third, and got the other sometime in the past. In other news, the research center has a secret and its owners are willing to kill to keep that secret. At the end, Ray shows his compassionate side by comforting the widow.

notable guest stars: none

cool actions and tactics: Ray bypasses a security-card reader, evades multiple groups of guards, destroys a padlock with acid, survives some questioning while under pressure underwater, drops his badge in someone else's bag so he'll be tagged as having left the center, slows his vital signs down to simulate death and trick the bad guys, and wins an underwater fight against guys with knives and spearguns.

Ray: "A man is dead...a man who trusted you. You don't get to walk away. It's not right."
treacherous lady: "Since when are you so concerned about wrong and right?"
Ray: "Now there you go again, misjudging the men in your life."

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