Stingray season 1 episode 7: Orange Blossom

episode number: season 1, episode 7 (1986)
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/1/11

episode synopsis: Ray investigates an asylum from which patients are disappearing.

impressions: It looks like some of the patients are noted scientists, engineers, etc. and they're being taken by Russians. This episode sees the return of a previous client, and also some espionage.When asked why he does what he does, Ray comments that it's not his choice, and that he made some promises to some people, most of whom are dead. There's also a slight twist ending involving Ray's current client. On a humorous note, this episode features a cat that may be intelligent.

notable guest stars: Robyn Douglass (from the pilot episode) returns, using her D.A. job to get Ray into the asylum.

cool actions and tactics: Ray infiltrates a mental hospital and makes a convincing crazy person, uses tape to keep a door from locking, displays photographic memory, resists a truth drug, escapes from manacles, uses a cat to trick a tracking device (and some guards), knocks out a guard with some sort of nerve pinch, demonstrates expert marksmanship, put a tracking device on a helicopter, hotwires a car, uses martial arts to disable some bad guys, pretends to have been shot so another bad guy will approach and allow her gun to be taken, and speaks Russian fluently.

orderly: "You don't take this very seriously, do you?"
Ray: "How can I? I'm crazy."

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