Stone Cold

"You look like a grown-up version of Bam-Bam."   - Ice

release year: 1991
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray 9/28/19 and home DVD, 3/19/16 and 4/8/11 and 6/13/09 and home VHS, 7/4/04

synopsis: A tough cop infiltrates a biker gang.

impressions: This was good, solid cheese, full of cliches, fights, gunplay, and action. I personally think that the gang never would have accepted a new guy (especially one who's clean cut and makes no effort to look like a biker) into their ranks so readily, but so it goes. The plot was nice and simple, though a few characters did stupid things that ended up getting people killed.

things to watch for: The big fight in the courthouse at the end.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A motorcycle crashing out a high window and ramming into a helicopter, destroying both.

acting: Brian Bosworth did a pretty good job, though he's too clean-cut to be a convincing biker (maybe if he'd at least not been clean-shaven, the bikers wouldn't have suspected him.) He also seems to have a problem with attitude, almost as if he just assumes he's the next big action hero (as it turned out, he was not.) Lance Henriksen makes a good biker gang chief. William Forsythe was good as a ruthless, crazy right-hand biker.

final word: Good solid action movie with bikers.

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