Stranger Things season 2

"Mistakes have been made." - Dr. Owens

release year: 2017
genre: TV drama/sci-fi (9 episodes)
viewing setting: home DVD 6/29/20 - 7/5/20

synopsis: There are more strange goings-on in the small town of Hawkins in 1984.

impressions: As seen at the very end of the first season, all was not well, and would continue to not be well. In this season, it all comes out: the other dimension is making a forcible incursion into ours, and this effort is led by a malicious intelligence. A few new characters get introduced, some more of the lab's backstory is revealed, and all in all it's more of the same: 1980s fun with a sci-fi/horror twist.

acting: The ensemble cast grows in this season, so I'll mostly point out the newcomers, but first I need to say that the Dustin character (played well by Gaten Matarazzo) is really stupid and annoying in this season. He makes multiple mistakes because he's just being stupid, and his mistakes are costly. Anyway. Sadie Sink is the new kid in town, who joins the party, so to speak. Dacre Montgomery is her stepbrother, who's a real asshole. Sean Astin is the intelligent new boyfriend of Joyce. Paul Reiser is the new guy in charge of the evil lab. Linnea Berthelsen is another escaped child test subject. Former bodybuilder Kai Greene is one of her gang of friends. Brett Gelman is an offbeat investigative reporter and conspiracy theorist. Priah Ferguson is the obnoxious but cute younger sister of Lucas.

final word: Quirky, nostalgic, and fun.

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