Street Trash

release year: 1987
genre: intentionally bad movie
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/5/09

synopsis: A liquor store has a case of really bad booze, which affects the lives of various homeless people who live nearby.

impressions: This is a cult classic movie that has no real point, but was well-made and well-filmed. The bad liquor causes people who drink it to either melt or explode, and many people fall victim to it (some unintentionally.) I read somewhere that the movie's writer set out to offend every possible demographic, and I think he succeeded.

cast of characters: 
  • big brother bum - homeless alcoholic with beard, lives in the junkyard, tired of looking after his brother
  • little brother bum - just a kid, but the junkyard owner's secretary has the hots for him
  • junkyard owner - a really fat guy who's a total scumbag
  • "the king" - a big, strong, deranged Vietnam veteran who rules the junkyard bums and kills people with a knife made from a human leg bone
  • "the queen" - a dirty, ugly hag who hangs around "the king"
  • the big cop - a big, strong, tough cop who takes no crap from anyone
  • gas mask bum - wears a gas mask, boldly shoplifts to cook the other bums a big feast
  • bully bum - a nasty bum who beats the crap out of other bums and steals their booze
  • the Mafia guy - a mean little gangster who threatens people a lot
  • the doorman kid - a young kid who fails to see the Mafia guy's drunk girlfriend wander away with a bum, and doesn't really care anyway
  • the secretary girl - hot junkyard employee who must continually fend off the junkyard owner's advances
  • the hitman - hired by Mafia guy to avenge the loss of his drunk girlfriend

    something this movie has that no other movie has: the notorious "severed privates" scene

    acting: see "cast of characters" above for all you need to know

    final word: Well-made crap.

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