release year: 1981
genre: comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/28/05

synopsis: An utterly irresponsible guy and his friend decide to join the Army.

impressions: To its credit, it was funnier than I remembered (last time I watched it, in 1997, I remember thinking how it was a lot less funny than I remembered.) The only real problem with the film is that, in reality, there is no way that Bill Murray's character would have gotten away with any of his hijincks...which I guess is kind of the point.

things to watch for: The graduation-day march was pretty good.

something this movie has that no other movie has: An ice-cream scoop used for...something else.

acting: Bill Murray plays an average guy with a great sense of humor and a complete lack of any sense of responsibility. Harold Ramis is his mild-mannered pal. Warren Oates is a tough drill sergeant. John Candy is a large recruit.

final word: Quite funny military comedy.

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