Strip Search

release year: 1997 (direct to video)
genre: truthfully? it was unclear
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 11/10/97
what I expected: strip club cheese
what I got: incoherent nonsense

synopsis: A vice cop gets involved with a woman who's got hidden motives.

impressions: This movie was terrible. The plot made no sense. The dialogue made no sense. The characters were practically one-dimensional - often we couldn't tell if we'd seen a particular character previously in the movie. Also: for a movie that was supposed to be about strip clubs and strippers, there was a suspiciously low nudity content. This movie had two gunfight scenes, one of which was decent (and ripped off of John Woo) and the other of which made no sense.

acting: I expected better from Michael Pare. I really did. Pam Grier was wasted as well.

final word: Don't waste your time. We suspect that this movie made our cat want to throw up.

rating: F

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