release year: 2000
genre: sci-fi
viewing setting: theater, 1/16/2000
what I expected: an alien monster ripping people to shreds
what I got: Murder drama in space, no monster

synopsis: A medical rescue ship answers a fishy call and picks up a passenger who makes them regret it.

impressions: All I ask from a movie whose preview looks like this one's did is a monster. Failing that, some fantastic science fiction would be nice. That's not what I got here. Yes, there was a single interesting sci-fi element - the nature of which someone figured out with very little information or deduction. In fact, the whole movie had a lot of that: characters or the computer explaining a lot of stuff so the audience wouldn't have to figure it out. Of course, this didn't help the teenage girls who were sitting to my left and seemed to have the intelligence of a cup of pudding. Anyhow...for the most part, the movie was a reminder that even in space, it's never a good idea to pick up hitchhikers. On top of that, this movie featured one of the most pointless and cheesiest seductions of someone else's girlfriend that I've ever had the displeasure of watching. The good points: the alien artifact, nice special effects.

acting: James Spader (who I dislike in general) actually managed to turn in a serious and non-quirky performance for a change. Angela Bassett was far too serious. I'm not convinced that Lou Diamond Phillips can actually act, but he seemed to be trying here.

final word: I guess it's worth seeing, just don't expect any monsters or much intelligent activity by the characters.

rating: C-

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