Swamp Thing

Bruno: "Where is he?"
Ferret: "WHAT is he?"

release year: 1982
genre: sci-fi/action
viewing setting: home DVD 10/26/15 and 10/28/2000

synopsis: Bad guys kill a scientist and destroy his plant-related work...except he's not dead, he's become a big green swamp-based monster!

impressions: This was a good mix of comic-book action and comedy - entertaining and fun to watch. It had action, horror, and humor - and straddled the line between taking itself seriously and not. The weird-science-swamp-monster elements were neat, and there were several battles between Swamp Thing and the bad guys.

acting: Louis Jourdan is great as bad guy Arcane, an evil genius who takes what he wants and talks to himself with odd out-of-context quotes. Adrienne Barbeau is the government agent/scientist who ends up embroiled in all of this, and she has some quality screen time here. Ray Wise does a good job in limited screen time as the pre-Swamp-Thing scientist. Perennial bad guy David Hess is the leader of the mercenaries employed by Arcane to kill and loot.

trivia: The musical score comes from the same guy who made the music for Friday the 13th.

final word: Pretty good cult-classic comic book adaptation.

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