release year: 2003
genre: action
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/2/2004

synopsis: A veteran S.W.A.T. officer is called upon to form a new, young team and do great things.

impressions: For once I agree with Roger Ebert (!) - this is a great action movie with realistic, believable fights, stunts, plot, and characters. Plenty of weapons and tactics, the mentality...I bet cops everywhere are wetting themselves over this movie.

things to watch for: Any of the action scenes - they were all well-done. The final training exercise was fun to watch.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A foreign zillionaire offering $100 million to anyone who springs him.

acting: Samuel Jackson was good as the tough veteran - he didn't even use the usual race angle to add to his character, instead getting by on his acting merits. Colin Farrell did well also as the young but competent cop. LL Cool J turned in a good performance as a regular cop recruited for S.W.A.T., and Michelle Rodriguez was a great tough girl. Oliver Martinez and others (no spoilers here) were very believable as white-collar criminals.

final word: Good action, deep characters, believable plot - well worth seeing.

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