The Sword and the Sorceror

release year: 1982
genre: fantasy
viewing setting: can't recall
what I expected: n/a (seen it too many times)
what I got: n/a

synopsis: A ruthless conqueror summons a long-dead evil wizard, and together they take over the greatest kingdom in the land and kill the entire royal family...except for young Prince Talon. He escapes, grows up to be a mighty mercenary captain, and returns to take revenge and claim his birthright.

impressions: Okay, let's get one thing out of the way. This is the movie with the stupid three-bladed sword. Now that we're past that...this is actually a decent fantasy flick. It is! It's got a good plot (even if it's borrowed from Robert E. Howard's Conan story Hour of the Dragon), a mighty hero, an evil king, a more evil wizard, a rebellion, a lady in distress, a torture chamber, a mercenary company, lots of humor, ambushes, battles, a can you go wrong? Answer: make your movie without any big names. That's the fate that befell this movie, and it faded into obscurity. That's a shame. The movie is basic, linear sword-and-sorcery fare and it's very entertaining.

acting: Lee Horsley is Talon, and he does an okay job. Richard Lynch makes an excellent evil King Cromwell. Richard Moll was Xusia, the evil sorceror.

final word: This is one of the better B-grade fantasy epics.

rating: B-

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