Taken 2

Bryan: "I have to make sure these people never bother us again in our lives."
Kim: "What are you going to do?"
Bryan: "What I do best."

release year: 2012
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray, 10/21/13 and 1/15/13

synopsis: Security expert and all-around lateral thinker Bryan Mills takes his family on a vacation to Turkey, but unfortunately for them, fallout from previous events threatens their lives, as Albanian gangsters are hell-bent on revenge.

impressions: Entertaining, but I doubt the first movie could have been improved upon. This one did a good job of showcasing the main character's planning and fighting skills, but I think it was hurt by having the wife and daughter involved (both had moments of utter stupidity, as before.) At least the daughter was useful - at one point, an imprisoned Bryan instructs her over the phone, using her to triangulate his own position and get her there with weapons.

acting: Liam Neeson is going through the motions here, but they are good motions that result in a lot of violence and bad-assery and death. Maggie Grace is the semi-useful daughter. Famke Jannsen is the non-useful ex-wife.

final word: Entertaining, but probably unnecessary sequel.

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