Taken 3

main detective: “Why does he want us to have this?"
other detective: “He f***ed up.”
main detective: “This guy doesn't f*** up.”

release year: 2014
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray, 5/4/15

synopsis: Rather than travel overseas to get his family threatened by bad guys, super badass Bryan Mills has it happen to him right at home, as someone kills his wife and frames him for it. On the run from the police, he tries to clear his name while figuring out what's going on.

impressions: Again, they had the challenge of making a sequel that lives up to the original movie. This one moved fast (by the 20 minute mark, the basic plot was underway) and had plenty of action, but also felt a bit tired.

acting: Liam Neeson tries, and is strong, but there's no shaking the stigma of being #3 in a film series. Maggie Grace, as his daughter, gets more to do this time. Famke Jannsen is his confused ex-wife. Forrest Whittaker, as always, goes around looking perpetually worried.

final word: Entertaining, but (another) probably unnecessary sequel.

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