The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

release year: 2006
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/7/07

synopsis: Four teenagers drive through the wrong remote area of Texas and fall prey to a deranged family of violent cannibal degenerates.

impressions: This was a prequel to the 2003 remake and was exactly the same thing: weird psychopaths in the middle of nowhere, who prey on stupid young kids. When I say "stupid" I mean it: these kids never think of fighting, only of running or waiting to see what happens next. Let me tell you, at least some of them should have noticed, early on, that they were dealing with completely insane lunatics who were going to kill them. When one realizes such a thing, one should also realize that it's time to take advantage of weapons and oportunities. Has this happened, almost every member of the cannibal family would have been killed off, which would have probably resulted in at least three of the four kids surviving. Instead, nobody capitalized on their chances, and they all ended up in the dinnertime stew (I doubt I'm spoiling anything for you, as we all know that the entire cannibal family survived until the events of the "main" movie.).

things to watch for: This movie is filled with weird and grisly things that will disturb 99.9% of viewers. Hell, one member of the evil family even has another member's legs cut off - FOR NO REAL REASON! That's messed up.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Someone laying on a chainsaw as it's fired up.

acting: The standout, once again, was R. Lee Ermey (the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket) as a cannibal crazy wering a sheriff's uniform and badge.

body count: 8 humans verified, plus one cow that gets hit head-on by a big jeep.

final word: So weird it's disturbing. I will not need to watch this again.

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