release year: 2009
genre: sci-fi/action
viewing setting: home cable 8/15/09

synopsis: In the future, mankind's robots-that-appear-human servants suddenly rebel and begin exterminating the human race.

impressions: I hate to rag on Sci-Fi original movies because some of them are so damn entertaining, but this one was pretty disjointed. It starts off with huge space stations, advanced spaceships, and the idea that robots (which look like humans) are part of everyday life. Then the robots suddenly decide to turn on the humans, so back on Earth - an Earth with no advanced technology apparent at all - the robots just start killing people. Before it's all over, the movie has, among other things, a space battle/dogfight, an underground military complex, a chase through some woods, a tractor beam, a giant king-daddy robot, space mercenaries, a robot who thought it was human, a nuked city...by the way, these are in no particular order.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Someone being punched in the face dozens of times, long after they've died.

acting: Paul Logan (who was the head bad guy in Curse of the Komodo) is the Terminator, err, TR; since they all look the same, he's technically hundreds or thousands of them. "A Martinez" is the aloof sheriff. Jeremy London is a mysterious scientist who knows everything. Lauren Walsh is the female lead. Dustin Harnish is an annoying character.

final word: All things considered, this movie is the best-possible outcome of throwing Terminator, Aliens, Star Wars, and others into a blender and pushing liquefy.

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