Terminator: Salvation

"You can focus on what is lost...or you can fight for what is left."   - Williams

release year: 2009
genre: sci-fi action
viewing setting: home Bluray 7/27/13 and theater, 5/25/09

synopsis: In 2018, mankind is in the midst of a war against the machines, who are harvesting people for reasons unknown.

impressions: Finally, this franchise got the kick in the nuts that it needed: rather than yet another multiple-combatants-travel-back-in-time situation, we have basically a chapter from the war with Skynet. This particular chapter deals with several things: John Connor's rise to leadership, the genesis of the T-800 model, and a young Kyle Reese. The movie was fast-paced, had compelling characters, and also had plenty of action and battle. There was even a brief (CGI) appearance by Arnold as the first T-800 Terminator. I'd like to note that this movie paid homage to all of the previous ones, which was the final touch that won me over (I was worried that this movie would take the series in a "bold new direction" or some such crap.)

acting: Christian Bale is great as a troubled but hardened warrior and leader. Sam Worthington is a death-row inmate from 2003 who wakes up in the insane 2018 world. Anton Yelchin is an enthusiastic young Kyle Reese. Moon Bloodgood is a heroic pilot who does what's right instead of following orders.

final word: Good sequel with a different direction.

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