Terror in the Mall

release year: 1998, made-for-TV movie
genre: suspense
viewing setting: home TV, 7/29/98
what I expected: a horror movie
what I got: a human drama

synopsis: Hard rain breaks a dam, causing a badly-placed mall to flood while an escaped murderer and a handful of random people are inside.

impressions: This was the very epitome of human weakness. Where else can people stand by and watch, doing nothing, as the bad guy drops his gun and attacks someone? Oh, for crying out loud! Other than that, the movie was decently-written and acted, for the most part. Its problem was that it had four or five protagonists who did very little to escape their predicament...which is probably exactly what would happen in real life.

acting: Decent. Rob Estes was the escaped killer, and had the most screen-time.

final word: Only barely worth watching.

rating: C-

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