The Call of the Wild

"Some say that's the legend. Not so. You see, I knew him once, when he was just a dog at a man's side. And even all this land is his, every summer, when he comes down to the valley, he remembers kind hands and old masters...before he went to his own...became his own master...before he heard the call."   - John Thornton

release year: 2020
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home Bluray, 6/24/20

synopsis: Huge, intelligent dog goes from place to place having adventures en route to his ultimate destiny in the human-less wilderness.

impressions: Entertaining, with a dog that's really smart and does the right thing, earning the respect and trust of other dogs as well as men. I've never read the original novel, or seen any of the previous film adaptations, but this one was quite entertaining and fun.

acting: The dog is really the main character in this, but he's conputer-generated (and quite well.) Harrison Ford is the old wilderness man who eventually joins the dog for adventure. Omay Sy and Cara Gee are good as a team who deliver mail to remote places using sled dogs. Dan Stevens ia a moronic would-be-explorer who blames others for all his problems.

final word: Pretty good animal/wilderness adventure.

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