The Game

release year: 1997
genre: suspense drama
viewing setting: theater, 11/26/97
what I expected: something convoluted
what I got: a surprise a minute thriller

synopsis: Business CEO and millionaire Nichloas Van Orton has it all - except a social life and any trace of excitement. He agrees to play a "game" which quickly goes from unusual to life-threatening.

impressions: This was a well-crafted suspense thriller that eased the viewer into believing otherwise ridiculous plot twists. Just when you think "what ELSE could happen?" something new comes along - and the way it's all built up, it actually seems plausible.

acting: Michael Douglas did a good job here as a ruthless, serious executive who gets involved in something way over his head - and becomes more human in the process. There were also a number of supporting cast members who did well.

final word: Absolutely worth watching once, though after that everything will be spoiled.

rating: C+, only because (like any good suspense/mystery movie) it's not too re-watchable

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