The Hunter

release year: 2011
genre: thriller
viewing setting: home Bluray 6/30/13

synopsis: A mercenary heads into the Australian wilderness in search of a supposedly-extinct animal, but not everything is what it seems.

impressions: Based on the trailer, I thought this would either be a monster movie or a man-hunted-by-men movie. I was wrong. It was actually a long, drawn-out drama/mystery that had little action and a lot of boredom. Part of this was due to cultural differences, but the majority of it was just because the movie wasn't any kind of action movie. It was good in its own right, but not what I was expecting, and thus I felt let down.

acting: Willem Dafoe is good in a dramatic role as a loner who gets attached to other people as he gets further into his mission. Sam Neill is a sometimes-aloof, sometimes-hostile Australian native.

final word: Drama set in the wilderness; probably not for action movie fans.

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