The Man From Earth: Holocene

release year: 2017
genre: drama with a hint of sci-fi
viewing setting: home Bluray 5/11/18

synopsis: An immortal man must contend with changes in his immortality as well as some nosy students who figure out his secret.

impressions: This wasn't quite as engaging as the original movie mainly because the novelty factor wasn't there. Also, some of the college student characters were really annoying or stupid. Here we have more debates on the very fundamental nature of religion, as well as various perspectives on the main character's person is a religious fanatic and can't deal with the idea, another projects her own problems and needs onto the situation, another is basically out for revenge, and so on. It's good to showcase more adventures with this character, but there are only so many debates and discussions to be had.

trivia: The writer of this story was Jerome Bixby, who was responsible for some of the best original Star Trek episodes ever, as well as a couple of other stories that became movies or TV episodes.

acting: David Lee Smith is more weary this time around, as the enigmatic professor who (we now know for sure) is ageless. William Katt is his angry ex-colleague. Michael Dorn is a current colleague. Of the four nosy college students, only Akemi Look's character is likeable (she is actually fascinated by the concept of an immortal person, and you get the idea that she'd just like to sit down with him and hear his stories.)

final word: Thinking person's sci-fi sequel; may challenge your mind, but worth seeing.

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