The Thieves

release year: 2012
genre: horror/drama/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 6/24/18

synopsis: A bunch of criminals with different skills get together and plan to steal a big diamond, but there are all kinds of sub-plans and betrayals going on.

impressions: I wouldn't have known due to my inexperience with South Korean cinema, but this was basically an all-star dream team cast. It was good - it started out kind of comical, but got more serious as people started getting shot and such. There are a variety of characters, some with more background than others, and you really have to pay attention to fully understand all that's going on. The heist and action scenes are well-done too.

acting: The cast here is huge, but some stood out: Kim Yoon-seok as the mastermind, Lee Jung-jae as the second-in-command, Kim Hye-soo as the safecracker, Jun Ji-hyun as the cat burglar, Kim Hae-sook as the conwoman.

final word: Korean Ocean's Eleven-meets-The Usual Suspects heist movie.

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