Tomb Raider

"All myths are foundations of reality."   - Lord Richard Croft

release year: 2018
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home Bluray 8/6/18

synopsis: Young punk Lara Croft finds that greater things await her than being a bicycle food delivery driver.

impressions: The movies from ~15 years ago covered all this ground, so I'm not sure why anyone saw the need for a remake, but Hollywood hasn't been consulting with me anytime recently, so I can't explain these things. For what it is (a remake of an older video game movie adaptation) it's fine, although a little heavy on the drama side and a little light on the action/traps/puzzle-solving side (which all seems to happen at the end.) I'm a little confused about how the main character showed some (but not exceptional) athletic ability in her old life, and then suddenly because a trap-dodging, high-leaping adventuress literally overnight.

acting: Alicia Vikander does a pretty good job showing the dramatic side of an action character. Walton Goggins is the weary but also ruthless villain.

final word: Another entertaining (if unnecessary) remake.

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