Train to Busan

release year: 2016
genre: horror/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 6/3/19

synopsis: A high-speed train begins its journey, unaware that a zombie infection has boarded and is about to wreak havoc.

impressions: This was a great zombie movie of the fast-moving variety, both the train and the zombies. A number of noteworthy characters are established early on, and then as things move along, people get killed off (and reanimated.) You can count on the zombie movie conventions (people not aware that other people got bit, selfish uninfected people causing others to get killed, and so on.)

acting: The subtitles made the acting more challenging to appreciate, but the standouts to me were Gong Yoo as the work-obsessed man trying to protect his daughter, Kim Su-an as the daughter who has a good heart and holds up pretty well amidst all the death, Ma Dong-seok as a tough blue-collar type, Jung Yu-mi as his pregnant wife, and Kim Eui-sung as a rich jackass..

final word: Great zombie movie with a lot of action.

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