The Transporter

"People with this kind of firepower do not make mistakes about who they visit."   - Tarconi

release year: 2002
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray 7/28/15 and 7/11/15 and 6/15/14 and home DVD, 5/20/03

synopsis: Driver/martial artist who gets paid to transport things is betrayed, then seeks revenge.

impressions: Pretty good. It starts briskly, with an impressive car chase, and then becomes more of a guns/fighting type of movie. The pace is good, there's some humor here and there, and I actually wasn't sure who the bad guys were (or why) until near the end of the movie.

things to watch for: The whole trainyard fight sequence was well-done.

acting: Jason Statham does a good job as the strong, silent type. Shu Qi was good as a cute kidnap victim who turns out to be useful and competent. Francois Berleand is a quirky police inspector. Matt Schulze is the main bad guy.

final word: Basic but entertaining action fare.

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