Transporter 2

”In this circle, my friend, "wit" is not a requirement of the job. Brutality, yes. An ability to inflict pain, absolutely. A certain psychotic moral ignorance, blind obedience, all required. But not wit.”   - Gianni

release year: 2005
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray 7/28/15 and 6/16/14 and home DVD, 2/26/12 and 9/21/09 and 3/30/05

synopsis: Driver/fighter Frank becomes involved with a kidnapping plot against the kid he's currently driving around.

impressions: Entertaining but somewhat over the top. I mean, this movie had enough gunfights, martial arts fights, car chases, and driving stunts for 2-3 lesser movies. Some of the stuff was crazy, like driving a car from a 20th-floor parking deck through the air and into another building. There was also the "spin the car through the air to dislodge the bomb on its underside" stunt. The plot, once we learn it, seems somewhat silly too. Last complaint: the camera work in the stunts and fights is the modern "choppy-editing" sort, which I don't like. All in all, though, the movie flies along and contains plenty of action.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A psychotic female assassin who strips down to undergarments before going into battle.

acting: Jason Statham did a good job was the hero, though he was a little too untouchable in the fights. Alessandro Gassman is the bad guy, who can also fight. Franscois Berleand plays a French cop who really has no purpose here, other than to help Frank find out who the bad guys are. Kate Nauta is the female assassin. Matthew Modine and Amber Valetta are the parents of the kidnapped boy.

final word: Mindless action that's still entertaining.

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