"We decided to leave town just one damn day too late!"   - Val

release year: 1990
genre: monster action/comedy
viewing setting: home Bluray, 5/26/18 and 9/20/15 and home laserdisc 8/19/97 and theater in 1990

synopsis: The 14 residents of a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere must deal with giant underground monsters that have moved into the area.

impressions: Ever since I saw this in the theater by pure accident sometime in 1990, I liked it. It's a perfect mix of horror, comedy, action, and all the rest. The movie mixes the classic monster tales of the 50s and 60s with modern production values, then throws in a varied and zany cast. There are a ton of great funny lines and situations, plus a fairly healthy body count of 10.

trivia: The little girl who's always jumping around on the pogo stick here was played by the same actress who would go on, three years later, to play the girl in Jurassic Park.

acting: Kevin Bacon (Val) and Fred Ward (Earl) are the perfect bumbling but likeable duo, handymen trying to escape and then returning to join the other survivors in the fight against the monsters. Good supporting roles from Michael Gross and (!) Reba Mcintyre. This film is crammed full of funny lines that the nonobservant will miss.

final word: Highly entertaining modern monster film.

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