The Triangle

release year: 2001, TV
genre: drama/mystery
viewing setting: TV, 8/12/01
what I expected: something sinister, like a sea monster
what I got: disappointment

synopsis: Four young friends and the two-person crew of a fishing boat sail into the Bermuda Triangle, where bad things happen.

impressions: How can I dance around the fact: this was NOT a monster/horror/sci-fi movie. What we got here was a vague unknown haunting or something from the past that eventually caused one person to start killing the others. No sea monsters. No killer sharks. Not even a giant alligator. No UFOs, no aliens, no lost races, no weird pirates. This was a murder-soap-opera and reminded me a lot of The Shining and also Death Ship. In short, the previews and concept teased one kind of movie, but the actual end result was something different.

acting: It was all ok. Nobody really stood out. Interesting trivia: Olivia D'Abo, who played the first mate, made her film debut in Conan the Destroyer as the stupid teenaged princess who almost got sacrificed to the evil god; she's also engaged to Thomas Jane, who stars in Deep Blue Sea and 61*.

final word: A decent seaborne drama-mystery with some murder thrown in, but NOT a great Bermuda Triangle movie. It's worth seeing once, though if I'd known it wasn't a sci-fi type movie i'd likely have never watched it in the first place.

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