Troll Hunter

"It's isn't very smart to follow me."    - Hans

release year: 2010
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/21/14

synopsis: In Norway, a trio of young film students follow a strange man who turns out to be a hunter of trolls.

impressions: This was fairly entertaining. Some movies kind of suck you in, so that you almost feel like you're right there with whatever's going on. With its impressive wilderness views and (not-too-shaky) camera work, this is one such movie. There's a fair bit of humor, though it's low-key and viewers who aren't paying attention might well miss it. The movie's also in Norwegian, so that means subtitles, another deterrent for easily-distracted viewers.

acting: The guy who played Hans did a good job as a serious worker in a strange and unglamorous job. All of the kids were kind of stupid in that "we must keep filming this despite the danger" way.

final word: Interesting low-key monster and conspiracy type movie.

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