True Grit

"Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!"   - Rooster Cogburn

release year: 2010
genre: western
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/11/20

synopsis: A young girl, seeking revenge for her murdered father, hires a tough old lawman to track him down and bring him to justice.

impressions: So this was a remake of the 1969 version and was intended to be more faithful to the book. There were some minor differences but to me, it was basically the same movie with different actors. I will say that I watched them both back-to-back for comparison purposes.

acting: Jeff Bridges is the grizzled old lawman who likes to drink and takes no shit from anyone. Hailee Steinfeld is the girl, and does a great job, better than her counterpart in the older version. Matt Damon is the Texas Ranger who helps out. Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper are the main bad guys.

final word: Good remake of classic western, with modern actors.

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