release year: 1997
genre: drama/disaster
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 6/21/97
what I expected: airplane disaster movie of some kind
what I got: bad airplane disaster/crisis film with a killer and a ditz

synopsis: A madman, on the way to a multiple murder trial, manages to take control of a jumbo jet. With the pilots dead, only a stewardess can save the day.

impressions: Vaguely entertaining, but many implausible moments. It suffered from the Breakdown syndrome: normal, weak, stupid people didn't do the right things at the right times. Example: not killing the bad guy when you have the chance (not once but TWICE!) We were groaning in mental agony as we watched some scenes, thinking "no, she can't possibly do that" and then watching her do it anyway.

acting: Ray Liotta is the maniac, and he plays it well, if over-the-top. Lauren Holly is the lone stewardess who can stop him (though we did have our doubts at times.)

final word: Ech. It could've been done better.

rating: D

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